Local 180 Musicians' Association of Ottawa- Gatineau, including Huntsville and Sudbury

We defend and promote the economic, social, and professional interests of our members.

Dear Members,

In our continued effort to ensure the financial well-being of all artists, we are asking you to review the information found here www.savelivearts.ca, and to endorse the accompanied petition.

The petition not only addresses the immediate impact of COVID19 on our industry, but also contains asks toward the future economic enrichment of our industry.  We are still in the process of collecting data on your lost engagements and US Visa processing fees [P and O visas a-like].  However, we were able to make rational projections of the potential losses to musical artists, and the entertainment industry over all. 

Once we are past the health concerns, we will then have the task of revitalizing audiences to attend live engagements, and getting musicians back together for large scoring projects.  Please email savelivearts@tma149.ca with any questions or comments on the survey.

In addition to the above, the Vice President from Canada has written an Open Letter to Government addressing the welfare of musicians, addressing the lost work and musical engagements grinding to a halt altogether. Also, the CFM has collaborated with fellow arts and culture unions to impress upon the government that arts-workers [musicians] comprise a huge faction of the ‘gig economy’ which the government has promised support, and that artists are amongst those freelance, precarious workers who need to be recognized for special consideration of Employment Insurance (EI).  With regard to the latter, based on today’s news reports, it does appear that musicians will be amongst those who will be able to benefit from the EI Emergency Support Benefit.  We greatly applaud the government for their expedient attention to this need. These earlier communications were posted to CFM social media page (@cfmusicians) over the last few days.

We hope this message has found you and your loved ones in good health.

Chers membres,

Dans le cadre de nos efforts soutenus visant à assurer le bien-être financier des artistes, nous vous demandons de lire l’information sur le site www.savelivearts.ca et d’appuyer la pétition qui l’accompagne. 

Cette pétition ne concerne pas que l’impact immédiat du COVID-19 sur notre industrie, mais aborde aussi la question de l’enrichissement économique de notre secteur d’activité pour l’avenir. Nous continuons actuellement à recueillir des données sur les prestations musicales annulées et sur les frais de traitement payés pour des visas des États-Unis [visas P et O]. Toutefois, nous avons été en mesure de faire des estimations réalistes sur les éventuelles pertes que subiront les musiciens et l’industrie du divertissement dans son ensemble.

Lorsque les problèmes de santé publique seront derrière nous, nous aurons alors la tâche de revitaliser notre secteur en incitant le public à assister à des spectacles en direct et en rassemblant de nouveau les musiciens pour de grands projets musicaux. Si vous avez des questions ou des commentaires sur le sondage, veuillez les transmettre par courriel à savelivearts@tma149.ca.

Par ailleurs, le vice-président pour le Canada a écrit une lettre ouverte au gouvernement portant sur le bien-être des musiciens et soulignant l’annulation soudaine de prestations musicales et de contrats de travail qui les touche directement. La FCM collabore de plus avec les autres organisations syndicales du secteur des arts et de la culture pour faire comprendre au gouvernement que, dans le domaine des arts [et de la musique], on retrouve une large part de personne faisant du « travail à la pige », un secteur de l’économie que le gouvernement a promis d’aider, et en outre que les artistes font partie du segment des pigistes travaillant dans des conditions de précarité qui se doivent de recevoir un traitement particulier pour l’admissibilité à l’assurance-emploi (AE). Sur ce dernier point, si l’on en croit les bulletins d’information récents, il semble que les musiciens seront parmi ceux qui pourront profiter d’un soutien d’urgence de l’AE. Nous félicitons le gouvernement d’avoir répondu rapidement à ce besoin. Les communications mentionnées précédemment ont été affichées sur les médias sociaux de la FCM (@cfmusicians) ces derniers jours.

Nous vous souhaitons, à vous et à vos proches, une très bonne santé.

Dear Musicians,

I’m seeking artists capable of live streaming 45-60 minute concerts from their homes on Wednesdays at 12 PM Eastern Daylight Time for the coming weeks, as long as covid-19 is going on.

The perception need to be that people are staying home, verses going to each other’s homes/apartments/studios, so unfortunately this favors people who play solo instruments, or who can connect with technology.

Concerts will pay, but I have to work out a new financial model to suit the situation as things are changing quickly. It’ll be something like $250 for the concert, possibly more, I’m open to any proposals.

All that’s needed is an Iphone or equivalent, enough bandwidth to stream for the duration of the concert, and possibly an external mic (though that’s optional). The platform (for now) will be facebook, through the “Music at Southminster” page. We’ll make performing artists an editor on the page long enough to broadcast the show.

Due to the unique nature of this new project, we can accept proposals from anywhere across the globe, so please share this message widely with your musicians friends and contacts. Concerts need to happen at 12 PM EST on Wednesdays.

Please send proposals to me any time. If you have any ideas to suggest, for example if you’re a pianist, and you’re willing to develop prerecorded accompaniments for other instrumentalists (as a paid collaborator), or if you have a means to recommend for connecting people remotely to play together, please send it my way ASAP.

My series has a stable and growing fan base of 3000 people, and in the weeks to come I expect the number to rise, so this is a great opportunity to meet new fans.

For an example of the work I do, please tune in today at noon to catch today’s noon concert. Check here for details.

Please share this widely!

Many thanks,


Artistic Director, DOMS


Robin, Dan, Braiden and Marlene are happy to take your calls and answer your emails. How may they help you?

Robin Moir

Robin Moir



Dan Blackwell

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