Local 180 Musicians' Association of Ottawa- Gatineau, including Huntsville and Sudbury

We defend and promote the economic, social, and professional interests of our members.

Further to the December 21st communication below [sent to all Canadian Locals & Members], we are writing to advise that the House of Commons petition found here: https://petitions.ourcommons.ca/en/Petition/Sign/e-3066, calls on the Government of Canada to retroactively permit self-employed Canadians to apply their gross, pre-tax income before business expenses when determining their CERB eligibility. We have shared this petition through CFM social media, but ask that you also please share with your respective members ASAP – you may simply share our posts through your social media channels, and/or email your members. We believe this petition closes for signatures on January 23, 2021.

Dear Members,   

As most of you are aware we have continued to work diligently in the interests of musicians during this year which was so severely impacted by COVID.  While there were many initiatives throughout the year, with respect specifically to CERB and the Canada Recovery Benefit, we worked diligently with our fellow unions and partners in the music industry to ensure that independent contractors received the benefit. 

Now, we are working to ensure that most especially the low-income earning artists [of all disciplines] are not unfairly taxed or penalized for any recovery benefits received.  This is most specific to any whom received the recent [vague] letter issued by CRA.   

While we cannot provide tax advice, because we do not know the specific earnings/deductions details of the membership, and, we are not tax specialists, we are making every effort to ensure the lowest income earners are protected, which we understand is the vast majority of musicians this past year. 

We encourage all to review their specific earnings with a tax specialist, especially if there is vast worry over qualifying for CERB relief received.  Until then please continue to follow our efforts through the News Section of our website, or through CFM social media.

On behalf of the AFM/CFM, we wish you and yours the best of the Holiday Season, and wishes for a healthier and more harmonious 2021.

Sincerely and fraternally,

Alan Willaert

Vice President from Canada


 The Emergency Relief Fund was initiated to support members of Local 180 and musicians in general who have lost work during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

 I would like you to read the wonderful note that the Local received from the members of the National Arts Centre Orchestra:

 The musicians of the NAC Orchestra have committed to making regular donations to the Emergency Relief Fund, in solidarity with and in support of our friends and colleagues in Local 180. We are all connected as human beings and share an additional bond through music, which is both our love as well as our vocation. We hope that this gesture will help our fellow musicians in a time of uncertainty and remind us all that we are stronger together. 

 These donations have allowed our Emergency Relief Fund to increase, and I would encourage those who need emergency funds now to email me with a request for financial aid.

 As we wrote in our first letter to members, we are not in a position to make judgments about any member’s financial needs, so we ask for an honest evaluation of a personal situation.

 To donate, please e-transfer Local 180 at: dues@ma180.org with a note saying that the donation is for the relief fund.  All funds collected will go directly to members in need.

 We will send you a receipt for the funds donated, but as we are a not-for-profit rather than a charitable organization, we cannot send a tax receipt.

 Dan and I are available by email or on our cellphones; please call or email us anytime.

 Dan Blackwell – dan@ma180.org – 613-700-9260

Robin Moir – robinmoir@ma180.org – 613-314-0841


Robin, Dan, Braiden and Marlene are happy to take your calls and answer your emails. How may they help you?

Robin Moir

Robin Moir



Dan Blackwell

Dan Blackwell

Administration Officer


Braiden Turner

Braiden Turner

Administration Officer


Marlene Morton

Marlene Morton

Administration Officer



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