Why Join?

Be a professional

Join an international professional association, the American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada

With legal contracts we provide you with legal protection, specifying your fees and working conditions.

You have a vote

As a member, you have a say in the development and growth of the local.

Audition Information

Receive audition information from all the major orchestras.

The Music Performance Fund

The Music Performance Fund uses royalties from the sale of records produced under the AFM Sound Recording Agreement to stimulate an interest in live performances.


Canadian musicians can perform in the United States under a special visa program. Applications for this visa may be obtained at the Local office.

eNews Harp

The official Local 180 newsletter, eNews Harp, contains information such as notices of meetings, warnings about unfair producers and changes of address. It is also the official communications tool for Local 180 officers.


A listing of all Local 180 members, telephone numbers, addresses and instrument(s).

Instrument Insurance

Reasonable coverage for all instruments under all conditions.


The Local negotiates discounts provided to members.


After filling out the application, please save it on your computer and email a copy of the PDF to dan@ma180.org

Après avoir rempli la demande, veuillez l’enregistrer sur votre ordinateur et envoyer une copie du fichier PDF par courriel à dan@ma180.org